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Jinan jinWantong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Is a professional manufacturer of for hydraulic lifting platform domestic manufacturers.

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Factory production equipment advanced, strong technical force, advanced technology and reasonable, testing means complete. Italy, Germany hydraulic pump station system, Italy hydraulic system anti explosion device and hydraulic self locking device. The product has the advantages of novel design, reasonable structure, lifting balance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, etc.

Widely used in plant maintenance, industrial installation, equipment maintenance, property management, warehouse, aviation, airport, port, station, machinery, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, electric power and other aerial equipment installation and maintenance.

The company's products a total of more than and 60 varieties of eight series.

The company's products a total of more than and 60 varieties of eight series, main products are SJY series of scissor type hydraulic lifting platform, hydraulic lifting SJT samples, SJYC, SJYL series hydraulic lift truck Aluminum Alloy hydraulic lifting platform and fixed board car, car battery etc.

Our Products


All products of the company are in line with the national industry standard. And we developed multiple mast rotary Aluminum Alloy, intelligent rail type lifting platform by the same industry and experts praise, the main performance reached the leading domestic level. At the same time, we can customize various types of high tonnage elevator, fixed lifting platform, special shape, size of the lifting platform and parking equipment.

Quality and service in our opinion is not only an economic indicator, it is a humanistic index, committed to outstanding product quality, value and service characteristics, we make with customers to establish a good relationship to sustainable development, the market is full of competition, but pay attention to sincerity and cooperation is the premise of development, when problems arise when we are sincere, cooperative attitude, look forward to a fair and reasonable negotiation, adhere to quality and service, sincere cooperation, we gain achievements, won a reputation.

"Credit" as the Chinese enterprises to enter the world's access card, the market economy is the lifeblood of the blood vessels. Since the "credibility" on behalf of my company's market reputation, has been recognized by customers, the customer service quality of service from the enterprise, our company has always been to "quality-oriented, service-oriented" as a business purpose. As long as you ordered my company's products, no matter where you are, we will promptly send a professional technical staff for your service, your satisfaction is our commitment!


Enterprise core values

Positive integrity of the pattern to play a win-win situation

Development strategy

Service customers dedication to social development and win-win

Team concept

With the goal to load leading tacit understanding risk sharing trust

Talent idea

Human adaptation to its position and its people

Marketing concept

Create value for the user to win the reputation of the enterprise

Innovation idea

Creative innovation

Security concept

Care for the safety of staff production