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The loading and unloading platform is a loading and unloading equipment that our company refers to foreign advanced technology, combined with domestic actual conditions, and selects some imported parts. After careful design, careful production, and self-developed loading and unloading equipment, it is more suitable for user needs. This product has a reasonable structure, stable performance and high work efficiency. Mobility is the biggest feature of the platform. It is mainly suitable for cargo loading and unloading with general container trucks and general cargo vehicles. It is equipped with a high-efficiency and highly integrated hydraulic lifting system, which is convenient for maintenance, simple operation and low noise. , Pollution-free and other advantages, it is one of your most ideal warehouse logistics loading and unloading equipment. Features of loading and unloading platform: After precise mechanical calculation and design, it has light weight, good rigidity and large carrying capacity; the frame is welded by high-quality steel such as high rigidity section steel, square pipe and special channel steel; loading and unloading platform frame The rear is equipped with an adjustable screw rod to support the ground, which is used for overall fixing during loading and unloading operations; a buffer rubber pad is provided under the underframe of the loading and unloading platform, which acts as a buffer to reduce the impact when the platform is lowered to the ground; loading and unloading The platform is equipped with two front casters in front of the load-bearing bottom beam frame, and two universal wheels on the rear cross beam to facilitate the movement of the whole vehicle; the hydraulic system and electrical control system are installed on the side of the equipment to facilitate maintenance and prevent the vehicle from reversing when loading goods Hit the electric control box; choose AC 380V or 220V voltage as the power source (users need to pre-select when ordering), which fully reflects the design structure is more reasonable and practical.

Main performance

1. Countertop: 2000mm*1660mm (length, width), load: 2000kg, dead weight: 800kg

2. Dimensions: 2250mm*2260mm*2450mm (length, width, height)

3. Pumping station: 220V/380V optional motor power: 2.2kw

4. Guide rail: Manganese steel plate is used for bending forming (compared with channel steel, cold-formed channel, H steel, etc., it has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, and strong durability)

5. Cylinder: two 63/45

6.Minimum height of the table top from the ground: 80mm increased by 1700mm (can be customized to 1850mm)

Remarks: can be customized according to customer requirements

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