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Crawler elevator is our specially designed for field aerial work under complex road conditions of an aluminum alloy lift, it is particularly strong adaptive capacity, to no power in the field, the work high above the traffic complex situations. It USES crawler wheels, aggravating chassis, driven by diesel engine lift walk, do control and lifting power battery, through the control button to control flooding lift up and down, you can also use diesel engine as lifting power by manual hydraulic lever control elevator rise, fall, battery charged by an external power supply or charge by diesel engine driven generator. Crawler type aluminum alloy machine adopts increase chassis, at work, don’t need a leg, after the elevator rises, do not need to pack up the elevator can not walk, greatly improves the work efficiency, at the same time, its caterpillar wheel, increased the area of contact with the earth, muddy road can also walk and work in the field, is oil exploration, wild field of communication line installation and construction, the work high above the ideal equipment.

First lift platform in the process of lifting the buffer strength may be several times more than the weight, in order to be able to make the lift platform stability of lift to ensure the safety of the crawler chassis so early in the design for elevator chassis mounted above the hydraulic support system.

Before lift platform simply control elevator electric control system and the crawler lift platform of elevator control system to control compatible with both before and after the walk, turn left, on the basis of the hydraulic support such complex electronic distribution project, we through unceasingly study experiment finally choose electronic computing and programming of PLC control system, all of the hydraulic circuit are all made of the distribution of the multiple directional control valves to dispatch control!

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